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The Environmental Group was incorporated in 1992 with the vision and goals of developing a Green Business Model that consist of products and procedures to improve the quality of living. Our goals were to develop Green Products that would produce energy by using nature’s resources in solar, and reduce energy cost by inventing and designing state of the art products.

In 2009 our team The Resource Center won Best New Product of the Year PGA World Wide. This was an honor that was received after 13 years of designing, testing and finally being manufactured.. For the past five years manufacturing cost has held back many people from purchasing our solar charging systems for recreational uses. This includes golf carts, boats, RV’s, survival back up power units to name a few.

From the very start of the solar panels for Golf Carts, especially the RXV, Club Car, and Yamaha had to be produced to very small square feet of coverage to fit the tops. This left the industry with fewer amps available for the smaller top carts. People still wanted more distance and more power while still using these small golf cart tops. We knew we had to do more.

Early in 2014 The Resource Center came up with a solar panel charging system that fits all sizes of golf cart tops that produced more amps, easier to ship and quicker to install. Any flexible panel with Snap On capability was the answer. Large size tops could fit on any cart. Some people still add their own adhesive under the panel if they don’t want to remove the top.

Finally a product everyone can afford and enjoy. Click Here for the wholesale order form, print, be sure to place the voltage of your system selected. Each day seems to deliver more testimonies and endorsements that enforce the quality and performance of Resource Center’s Charging System.

Over the last three years more major companies are calling, ordering and testing our products. To name a few, Disney World, EZ-GO manufacturing, Sea World, US Navy, Air Force, Border Patrol, Oil Companies, Air Ports, Golf Courses, and many Universities throughout the world. We now have products in several foreign countries.

As you view this web site you may find Resource Center offering a new breakthrough product at any time. We are proud to provide you with great detail on each product and a safe way for you to order our products. Resource Center also joins with other going green partners on several products that we feel benefit the green movement and some how will help to save the future of the world.

Finally an answer for the hunter, delivering a silent approach to sport. More distance needed? Just add a larger custom cut of my material .
Can’t keep that deer feeder going? Add our System to the feeder!Solar Panels for Marines Boats Trolling Motors,BassBoatsFishing Troll Motors let you down in a tournament? Simply connect our plug and play custom panel to the 12 or 24 volt battery and fish until dark! Simply snap the panel on your boat dock, plug in your quick connect to your batteries, and know your batteries will be charged when you decide to go fishing again. Your batteries are safe, our controller stops charging when batteries are fully charged. Finally a product that you can use anywhere anytime, simple unsnap and move to where you need it most. The panel stores in a safe place to eliminate theft if needed.