Dealer-Member Application

When you submit the application you will be directed to Pay Pal to complete the process by paying the
Administrative Membership Processing fee of $49.00. For orders of 10 Units or less you should allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

Dealer/Member Terms and Conditions

1. The Dealer/Member is, and at all times shall remain, an independent contractor and is not, and shall not be, construed to be a partner,
joint venture, employee, agent, representative, or participant of or with the Company for any purpose whatsoever. Dealer/Member agrees to
be responsible for their own expenses, license, local, state, and federal taxes, except whereby collection and payment of sales taxes are
expressly arranged by The Resource Center.

2. The Resource Center marketing and compensation program with its Policies and Procedures, Rules and Regulations, and Advertising Guidelines,
which may be amended from time to time, is hereby incorporated into, and made a part of this Agreement.

3. Dealer/Member will not misrepresent Resource Center in any manner and will make no statements, claims, or warranties respecting,
which are not contained in The Resource Center written material. Dealer/Member agrees to perform all of its obligations under this
Agreement in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and Regulations and with the principles of good conduct and business ethics,
in order to protect and enhance the name of the Company, the reputation of the product, and the good will attached to any trade names
or any trademarks in the use of hereafter adopted or used by the Company.

4. Dealer/Member understands that there are no guarantees of earnings in the Resource Center marketing program and there have been no
exclusive territories within the program. In areas of the world where there are no dealers/Member, we will discuss the qualifications for an exclusive package.

5. Dealer/Member understands and agrees that a violation of any of the terms of the Agreement, including the Policies and Procedures
of Resource Center may result in the termination of Dealer’s/Member’s authorization as an Resource Center Dealer/Member.
You agree that you will not reverse charges on your Credit Card once the order has been placed.

6. By entering the Social Security or Federal ID Number, Dealer/Member is certifying that the number shown on this form is the
Dealer’s/Member’s correct taxpayer identification or Social Security number.

7. The effective date of this Dealer Agreement shall be the date it is received at The Resource Center office.
The term of this Agreement shall be one year. The annual renewal fee is $35.00 . Please keep your membership updated yearly.

8. Dealer/Member understands that violation of any Rule or Regulation hereunder or otherwise violation of any federal, state,
or local laws that would in any way affect The Resource Center, shall immediately terminate this Agreement.
If The Resource Center does terminate this agreement that subject to any law, the Dealer/Member agrees not to make a claim against the Company.
If the Dealer/Member does pursue a claim against the Company and does not prevail, he/she shall reimburse the Company for any cost of defense,
including reasonable attorney’s fees.

9. Dealer/Member acknowledges that The Resource Center has common law, proprietary, design, and utility patent pending rights as well as
contractual use and development right for various products in various “Going Green” areas, including, but not limited to, unique
energy savings and utilization methods. Dealer/Member agrees to assist Resource Center to protect and defend all of its common law,
proprietary, design, and patent rights and methods.

There will need to be a hard copy of this form
faxed or mailed in so it will save you time if you:

  1. Fill Out The Form
  2. Print The Form
  3. Submit the Form (We will start to process your information once we receive this)