Award Winning Solar Systems

Award Winning Snap On Solar Energy Charging Systems and their Solutions
Click on the links below to read some very informative scientific studies by some leading Universities.

Scientific Study Comparing Our Amorphous Thin Film panel!

Award Winning Golf Cart Snap On Solar Energy Charging System.
Resource Center began environmental business in 1992.

. Resource Center presented the Snap On Charging System to More than 41,000 industry professionals
. Leaders traveled from 50 U.S. states and 74 countries to PGA , Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
. Resource Center presented State of The Art Technology that helped uncover the latest trends for years ahead.
. Resource Center was one of the industry’s entrepreneurs who won one of the highest awards
. Influential business leaders were pleasantly surprised with the breakthrough technology
. Resource Center won “Best New Products” selected by the PGA Merchandisers of the Year

Resource Center’s Solutions for Your Golf Cart Power Needs!

Utilizes the light weight high producing Snap On solar charging systems
The solar power system installs in minutes on golf cart tops and other projects
Saves Money and Walking
Purchasing our solar system might allow for a 30% Federal tax credit
Can be used on any size passenger golf cart
Reduces battery energy consumption
Doubles battery cycles
Increases driving distance by 30% when using a properly fitted charging systems
Life expectancy is twenty years
Solar panel factory defect warranty
The Snap On Solar Panels do not break unless folded
Solar charge controller factory defect warranty one year
The panels are flexible and durable that you simply attach to any flat surface
The system works with 12, 24, 36, and 48 volt batteries
The System does not allow the Lithium batteries to go to sleep
Resource Center Charge Controllers regulates voltage and prevents over charging.
The System comes with a pre-wired wiring harness
Resource Center’s Systems are more efficient than many other brands.
Resource Center’s Snap On Solar Charge Systems do not stop working because of a damaged diode
Separate layers of amorphous silicon are used with each layer tuned to a different frequency of sunlight.
Resource Center’s Solar Charging Systems works on cloudy, rainy and snow days from daylight to dark.
The System delivers a quite day when traveling in the woods
Systems installed utilizing two panels are producing 10 to 14 amps
System ships by UPS