Solar Electric Cart Charging System


Solar Electric Cart Charging System 36″ X 48″

Made to fit any golf cart, the Solar Golf Cart Panels include all you need to install the panel quickly and easily. The panel comes in 36V or 48V to match your cart voltage. Included is a lightweight 45 Watt flexible solar panel, outfitted with self tapping snaps for easy installation. Use these affordable solar panels to extend your electric cart range, lower your charging costs, make your batteries last longer!

You can place two panels on most extended carts to increase your charging capacity!

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Our Patent Pending Product Utilizes Heavy Duty Technology

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Please measure your Cart Top to be certain of the size top you need!

Watts=Voltage X Amps
Operating Current 3.5 – 3.7 amps
Operating Voltage 15.4 V
Break Through Technology /Smart Controller
Changes 15.5 Volts to 36 or 48
36 Volt System Maintained by 42.3. Volts
Constant 42.3 Volts
Nominal Operating Cell Temp 140°F
Cell Technology Thin Film Amorphous Silicon
Overall Dimensions 36" X 48"
Solar Panel Weight 3.75 lbs.


* Amorphous cells with different light absorption properties
deposited continuously, one on top of another, to capture the broad
solar spectrum more effectively. This increases the energy conversion
efficiency of the multi-cell device and improves performance stability.
CONTROLLERS: Operating Voltage and Operating Current at AM 1.5.
Power performance may vary +/- 10% due to temperature variation,
spectral variation, and related effects.
Amps, Volts, Watts, Ohms ohm
… watt amp volts?
Watts = Volts
x Amps
Watts is a unit of power having the dimensions
(energy per unit time): M L2 / T2 divided by T = M
L 2 / T 3
Note: A kilowatt-hour
is a 1000 watts times one hour = an energy unit.
is a unit of force (F=ma): ML / T2 So
that Amps have the dimensions: L / T