Charge Controller Technical Information

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1) The job of an MPPT charge controller is to make sure the power output is
constantly being regulated and calculated every time the voltage of the
input changes in the slightest. This characteristic is desirable if the
input voltage is constantly changing.

2) Our controller is custom built to maximize the power output when given as
input the Vpmax of our breakthrough Peel & Stick Solar modules. That
means that when the first light hits our panels, our controller begins
converting all available power to a suitable voltage and current to
properly regulate your Golf Cart batteries. When you turn the key to your
cart, you know that our controller is providing almost 100% of the power
produced by the solar module directly to your batteries.

3) This technique is much more cost effective because we specify exactly what
voltage the controller will receive from the panels. PowerFilm Engineers
from the solar manufacturing facility, Engineers responsible for building
our charge controllers, and independent Engineers in the field have all
confirmed the efficiencies and can assure maximum productivity.

4) Our system is less complicated, built on sound analog technology, allowing
for the omission of expensive microprocessors, and built with fewer
parts…fewer parts that can be damaged or might fail over time.

5) Unlike fancy microprocessor controlled chargers, our controller will not
be damaged by a lightning strike. We specify the exact inputs to the
charge controller, hard wire those values using proven analog circuitry,
and obtain high efficiencies at a savings to the end customer. We do not
believe in over engineering or providing more than you need, simply for
our profit. While others boast enormous panels, we strive to supply
exactly what you need. It is our goal deliver a proven system that will
add value and convenience to your Golf Cart for years to come, and do this
all at a fraction of the cost of competitors products.

12 V Solar Panel to 48 V Battery Charger

Used to charge a 48 V battery @ 4 amps max from a 12 V, 10-160 Watt nominal Solar Panel.


  • Low Cost
  • High Performance
  • Nominal Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Input Power Limited to Prevent Over-loading
  • Rugged boost voltage design
  • NEMA 4 enclosure (weatherproof)
  • Very High Efficiency >95 % typical

Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage (V) 0 – 24 V (12 V nominal Solar Panel)
Output Voltage (V) +/- 2% 56.4
Output Current (Amps) 3
Current Limited * 6
Input Fuse 25 amp Automotive Fuse
Quiescent Current from Solar Panel 15 mA
Quiescent Current from Battery <36 micro-A
Efficiency 92 – 96 % depending on loading and state of charge

Mechanical Specifications
NEMA 4 Enclosure
4″ X 2″ X 2″ nominal
approx 1.8 lbs.
Temperature Range:
-40 deg C to 50 deg C
It is recommended, as with all electronics, that the unit not be placed in direct sunshine

0 – 90 % non-condensing