Extended Solar Tops 72″

Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of owning a solar golf cart with the Peel and Stick Solar Charging Roof Kit from Earth Care Products, Inc. This revolutionary new product offers an easy and affordable way for consumers to GO GREEN.
Extended Solar Charging Systems 37.7″ X 72.44″ Can be used on Deer Feeders, Water Wells during disaster, Change your swimming pool pump to DC and never pay another electric bill on the pool. Oil fields on land and offshore , chemical pumps, gate openers, Farming Tractors & Equipment, Marine Trolling Motors and Aerators,Simply roll up the panels and store or lay under the boat seat when you not in use.
Let your imagination run away! You can set in place your own back up system for emergencys. Uses are only limited to your imagination!

Technical Information

Operating Current 4.9 amps
Operating Voltage 15.4 V
Break Through Technology /Smart Controller Changes 15.4 Volts to 36 or 48
48 Volt System Maintained by 56.4 Volts
Constant 56.4 Volts
Nominal Operating Cell Temp 140°F
Cell Technology Thin Film Amorphous Silicon
Overall Dimensions 37.7″ X 72.44″
Solar Panel Weight 12.0 lbs.
  • Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels – Do not break
  • Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels Produce Watts Constantly During Daylight

Note: For non flat roofs you can choose to apply a piece of Plexiglas and then apply our peel and stick system. That way, when you trade your cart, you can keep the solar top for the next cart.

Battery Life Enhancement

  • In typical use, a golf cart battery is discharged to twenty percent of capacity (80% discharge). In this usage, batteries will need replacement after 520 charge cycles.
  • Use of a Earth Care solar panel reduces depth of discharge to no lower than 65%. This extends battery lifetime to 730 charge cycles, a gain of almost 69%.
  • In most cases, through typical cart use, the battery discharge will be in the 30-50% range, equaling a gain of more than double in battery life.
  • In one test case, battery discharge depth was limited to 10% of the battery capacity. Battery lifetime for this battery could be extended to up to 5000 charge cycles

In DEC 2008 a Utility Patent Pending was filed for the USA & foreign countries for our charging systems.
We are the real thing! No cheap copies or imitations! Anyone can copy, compare, but do they have the record of testing, selling the product world wide? We have recently begun selling and shipping to golf courses. We wanted to test the product, and prove the product first! Which in turn also allowed time for other companies to imitate or create cheap copies of our systems. We are proud to have many of the major Universities who purchased up to 30 tops , tested , and even written major press releases.

Note: All tax deductions and savings presented on this page are calculated as of 4/15/2012. Laws and tax codes change. Please consult your tax professional.

Let’s review some of the important reasons to purchase Earth Care’s Solar Top:

  • May Qualify For Tax Credits – Although the Federal 30% Tax Credit has been discontinued, we have been told it is under review. You may qualify for State Credits as well.
    Click Here for Tax Form 3468 – Investment Credit)
    Click Here to check state credits and exemptions. www.dsireusa.org

  • Extends Battery Life four years$700.00 Four Year Battery Life Extension – (View the Battery Life Enhancement Specs Below)

  • Yearly Battery Maintenance Write Off$78.00 Yearly Battery Maintenance Write Off

  • Calculated Charge Time (For the life of the batteries)$258.00 Learn how to calculate your savings below in Additional Benefits, Savings and Money Producing Options

Adding all the points above, your Solar Top, Controller & Wiring Harness cost you NET ZERO !
Just imagine how much you will have saved 10 years down the road!

Ready to purchase? Scroll to the bottom! If you want more info just keep reading!

Additional Benefits, Savings and Money Producing Options

  • Earth Care will pay $100 to anyone that refers a customer to us that purchases one of our solar charging systems.
  • Some States also give Tax Credit. Visit www.dsireusa.org for constant updates on State and Federal Incentives. For example Arizona is an aditional 25% Tax Credit (form 310) off the total cost of installation for a combined Tax Credit of 55%. Laws and tax code change. Please consult your tax professional.
  • You can earn $50 to $100 directly from the customer for installing the systems. The DVD and Wiring Instructions are posted on the front page of our web site and installs in minutes!
  • Is easy to apply.
  • Saves money on electricity. If you are doubling the charge cycles of your batteries it makes sense that you would be using 50% less electricity for charging your cart.
  • A typical set of cart batteries cost an average of $700.00. By purchasing new batteries with your solar charging system, an additional tax credit of 30% of the battery cost can be taken if you purchase the batteries at the same time as the Solar charging System. In addition the savings by doubling the life of your batteries can be in excess of $700.00.
  • The payback for investing in a golf cart solar panel roof can be as little as two years.
  • Uses revolutionary flexible solar panels made with thin film amorphous silicon that are powerful, yet light and flexible.
  • Extended Range. For every hour the golf cart solar panel roof is charging in peak sun, the original charge will maintain its distance, with one additional mile added when driving on flat terrain.
  • Can be used on any passenger size golf cart.
  • Installs in minutes on existing golf cart tops. In most cases, can be applied permanently to your existing golf cart top
  • No gas is required to run a solar cart. As gas prices go up and natural resources become more valuable, solar energy is no longer a convenience-it is now a necessity!
  • If the top is cut, shot or damaged in a certain area, the panel continues to work while the current simply goes around the damaged diode-Unlike many other type solar panels in the world
  • If your top is not flat you can simply install one of our suggested Plexiglas or metal tops.
  • If you utilize your cart for hunting, think about removing your top, adding an 72″ flat top for extended flexible roof top charging systems. Many hunters already remove their tops and add a sturdy metal top to carry deer stands, and game back and forth-why not have a charging panel on it as well
  • You do not need to buy a complete new solar powered-cart. Just install our Break Through Technology,a Solar Cell Thin Film Peel and Stick, almost non breakable panel, installs directly on your existing golf cart roof for a fraction of the cost of a new cart and receive all the advantages of extended life of your batteries and tax rebates for going solar.
  • Calculated Charge Time (For the life of the batteries) $258.00 in Savings

A 120-volt battery charger is rated to draw 10 amps of power. The power you use in charging the batteries is measured in kilowatt-hours.
The formula is “Volts X Amps = Watts”: The average charge time for a golf cart is 2 hours.
The average daily cost to charge a golf cart set of batteries is $ .24 cents. $.24 cents X 30 days per month = $7.20.
By adding an Earth Care Solar Charging System to your cart at least 50% of your charging cost disappears.
Over a period of 6 years, which includes the two year extended life of the batteries our system furnishes, you save $258.00.
Energy rating Multiplying Factor Rates
Charger:120 Volts X 10 Amps = 1.2 Kilowatts(1200 Watts)
Hourly Energy Consumption(KWH) 1.2 Killowatts X 1 Hour = 1.2 Kilowatt Hour
HI Utility Rate($0.20) 1.2 Kilowatts X $0.10 = $0.12 per hour of Charging
This does not include the time it takes to charge the batteries, watering extra, and labor.

Earth Care’s break through system is now being called the miracle invention of this century.
The panels are flexible and durable and simply attach to the top of the golf cart or any flat surface you select.
Earth Care Solar is proud to present you with state of the art Going Green Thin Cell Solar Products.

The key to our success is our unique solar panel solution. Earth Care peel and stick solar panels are more efficient than many other brands.
The Earth Care’s solar panel technology utilizes several separate layers of amorphous silicon, each tuned to a different frequency of sunlight.
This product works great on residential and commercial buildings as well. This is what makes our solar panels convert more of the available sunlight into electricity making Earth Care Solar Panels very efficient.

Extended Solar Tops 72″


  • Most carts with a 72″ or longer top.
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Warranty Policy:
All purchases are final.
3 Year factory defect manufacturers warranty.
Terms and Conditions.

If you are ordering out side the United States you will need to handle your own shipping. We only accept wire transfer from outside the US. All Non-US orders must be accompanied by a signed wholesale order form.
Please measure your Cart Top to be certain of the size top you need!

The package consist of a Charge Controller which regulates voltage and prevents over charging. A pre-wired wiring harness, a peel and stick solar top with the simple installation instructions.
The warranty for the solar roof panel is 3 YEARS and the expected life span of the solar tops is over twenty years.
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