Peel and Stick EZ-GO RXV Solar Tops


EZ-GO RXV-Yamaha-Club Car Precedent . Solar 26.5" X 51"
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Watts=Voltage X Amps
Operating Current 2 .4 amps
Operating Voltage 15.4 V
Break Through Technology /Smart Controller Changes 15.4 Volts to 36 or 48
48 Volt System Maintained by 56.4 Volts
Constant 56.4 Volts
Nominal Operating Cell Temp 140°F
Cell Technology Thin Film Amorphous Silicon
Overall Dimensions 26.250" X 51.30"
Solar Panel Weight 3.75 lbs.


* Amorphous cells with different light absorption properties deposited continuously, one on top of another, to capture the broad solar spectrum more effectively. This increases the energy conversion efficiency of the multi-cell device and improves performance stability.
BACKING: Ethylene Propylene Copolymer Tape is a high performance, non-drying, non hardening, industrial grade tape formulated with reinforced rubber and inert inorganic, non asbestos fillers. Resource Center's custom built Peel and Stick affords excellent webbing and elongation properties. It also has the superior weathering characteristics and retains adhesion and elasticity in weather extremes for prolonged periods. In fact 40 degrees below to 170 degrees high.
CONTROLLERS: Operating Voltage and Operating Current at AM 1.5. Power performance may vary +/- 10% due to temperature variation, spectral variation, and related effects.
Amps, Volts, Watts, Ohms ohm ... watt amp volts? Watts = Volts x Amps Watts is a unit of power having the dimensions (energy per unit time): M L2 / T2 divided by T = M L 2 / T 3 Note: A kilowatt-hour is a 1000 watts times one hour = an energy unit. Volt is a unit of force (F=ma): ML / T2 So that Amps have the dimensions: L / T




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2.4 Amps Ez-go RXV Solar Top
26.25" X 51.30"

3.5 Amps Ez-go TXT Solar Top
37.7" X 47.7"

4.9 Amps Extended Solar Top
37.7" X 72.44"

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